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?What is Knowledge Management 

"Knowledge Management applies systematic approaches to find, understand, and use knowledge to create value"

             Carla O'Dell, CEO, American Productivity & Quality Center

"It is about the making information accessible, usable, and relevant in today's rapidly changing knowledge era." 

           Dr. Brian M. Chopp, Knowledge Management Association 

What is the KMA?

The Knowledge Management Association (KMA) represents global KM practitioners who have joined together to forward the discipline of KM.  We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit society with the goal of supporting a rich and diverse membership around the world. Read more hereBright Banner App Web Part Menu

"Being a founder of the DC chapter of the Knowledge Management Association (KMA), I have seen, first hand, the power and energy that a group of focused knowledge management practitioners can leverage.  Membership provides me a foundation to better my career as a knowledge management professional by helping me to realize numerous networking benefits.  I am thrilled to be part of this dedicated, multifaceted and pioneering association!

               Tara Mohn, Washington DC

"The mission and the ways of working of the Association correspond with what I am looking for.  I have just joined the KMA and am looking forward to participating in its activities and sharing."

              Denise Beaulieu, Quebec, Canada

"KMA has allowed me to meet many individuals in my own geographic area as well as around the country who share my passion for collaboration and knowledge management.  Many of these I had not known previously from my other KM forums and communities.  The low-cost KMA membership has been a great value."                   

               Andrew Muras, Dallas, TX