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​​​2016 Board of Directors

The Knowledge Management Association (KMA) was organized to represent the KM practitioners who desire to forward the discipline of KM. We were organized to work together as a professional group of practitioners who have it as their goal to help each other and their societies. We have a rich and diverse set of membership and hope to include all who feel KM has much to offer the world.

The Knowledge Management Association (KMA) represents global KM practitioners who have joined together to forward the discipline of KM.  We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit Association with the goal of supporting knowledge management professionals across all industries and knowledge management specialty areas.  We have a rich and diverse membership around the world.

President, Dave Thompson

Dave has been associated with the KMA from it's origins and has been a long time supporter, counselor, and officer in the KMA for many years now working in operations, finance, and technology roles, he now has our thanks as it's newest President. Thanks Dave, for all that you do for the KMA and we are looking forward to a great year with your leadership and friendship. Dave is always concerned with creating a better value proposition for our members. 


​Vice President Membership and Programs, Bill Linn​

Bill is the original founder of the KMA and has served as it's President until 2013. He currently serves the KMA in building our national and international presence through the establishment KMA membership programs.


Secretary, Mr. Craig Hotes

The KMA’s Secretary’s primary focus is with coordination, and acts as counsel and mentor to the KMA Board and KMA President as required. 

Past-President, Dr. Brian Chopp

Brian  is one of the original members of KMA and took the leadership role of the KMA in 2013 and currently serves the KMA in an advisory role. We appreciate all of the hard work that he has accomplished and look forward to more collaboration with him as time permits in 2016.